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Pile of quilts

A new little baby’s on the way. With those squishy cheeks and that fresh baby smell, it’s time to celebrate! Itty Bitty was founded to help quilters and crafters alike do just that. We recognized the joy and excitement that comes with the arrival of a new little one, and wanted to make it easier for customers to stitch some love into a quality handmade piece that could be cherished for years to come. Itty Bitty’s line features a collection of modern, baby-friendly quilt patterns that beg to be cuddled in. The founders worked with a circle of crafters that were new to quilting to find a way to walk users step by step through the process. The resulting quilt kits feature cut to size fabrics, all the materials, and easy to follow along instructions. What’s next? Stay tuned for more great DIY for baby projects to come!