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Why is an Itty Bitty quilt easier to make? 
Itty Bitty makes handcrafting a quilt much easier by providing all the quilting materials cut to size and taking the guesswork out of the process.  Here at Itty Bitty, we’ve tried and tested each and every step to find the best quilting methods to make crafting your quilt a breeze.  We’ve also searched high and low to bring you fresh fun prints and solids in only the best premium cottons to ensure that your quilt comes out looking great. 
Why does an Itty Bitty quilt make such a great baby shower gift?
It’s always extra special when someone’s taken the time and energy to handcraft a gift. The quilt becomes an important keepsake with a cherished history of its creation. Moms and Dads-to-be will feel especially loved receiving a lasting heirloom that helps celebrate the arrival of their new little one.
What makes an Itty Bitty quilt kit so unique?
An Itty Bitty kit is unique in that it really contains all the supplies you’ll need for your project along with instructions that guide you step by step through the entire process of making a quilt. The kit makes a great way for beginners and experienced quilters alike to easily create a great looking modern quilt.
What is Itty Bitty doing to give back?
Every child deserves love and comfort, and Itty Bitty wants to do their part to support children in need. Itty Bitty Handmade has partnered with Quilts for Kids, a non-profit organization focused on providing handmade quilts to children in need. Like Itty Bitty Handmade, Quilts for Kids sees tremendous value in taking the time to give a handcrafted item that has been made with love. All of the quilts donated through Quilts for kids are handmade by its network of volunteers across the US. With the gift of each handmade quilt, a powerful message of love and care is given to the child as they have a tangible reminder that someone they don’t even know took the time and energy to create something truly special just for them.

Want to learn more about Quilts for Kids visit their site:
Do I need to have any special skills to make an Itty Bitty quilt? 
No!  With our Itty Bitty quilt kits we've made quilt making fun and easy.  An Itty Bitty quilt comes together without any tricky skills.  You’ll just need to have some basic familiarity with sewing with a sewing machine. 
How do you make an Itty Bitty quilt? 
An Itty Bitty quilt comes together in just 6 easy steps and 4-6 hours of active working time.  We guide you through the steps with detailed instructions, tips and illustrations.  The basic steps are:
1. Sew front panels
2. Glue layers together
3. Sew layers together
4. Sew bias on edges
5. Sew label
6. Wash quilt
How do you baste an Itty Bitty Quilt?
Itty Bitty kits use a non-toxic glue basting process. Often with quilting, toxic spray adhesives are used to join the layers. The Itty Bitty process instead uses a non-toxic glue that is simply brushed on the batting to adhere the layers. The glue is easy to apply and this method keeps the layers from shifting and puckering so that it’s easy to quilt the layers together. Best of all, the glue washes out in the final step, and there are no harmful chemical residues.
What size is an Itty Bitty quilt? 
Not too big.  Not too small.  The perfect size endorsed by our mom and dad testers.  We sized the Itty Bitty fabrics to be 43" x 48".  After washing, the quilt will shrink a small amount.
What comes in the itty bitty quilt kit? 
We know how frustrating it can be to get underway with a project only to realize that you’re missing something.  We include all of the sewing materials you’ll need to make your quilt. Here's what you'll find inside each kit:
detailed instructions
pre-cut fabric panels
custom hand-stamped label
basting glue
marking tool
fusible tape
foam brush
parchment strip
plastic sheet
marking guides
Do I need to have any supplies at home? 
We make sure that the Itty Bitty quilt kits include any special supplies needed.  Aside from a sewing machine, you’ll just need access to the following common household items: iron, washing machine, scissors, and a large work table (or some space on the floor works too!).
How long does it take to make an itty bitty quilt? 
Itty Bitty quilts take just 4-6 hours of active working time.  You'll also need about 8 hours of down time to let your quilt dry in the basting step so take a slumber, kick back, or get geared up for the next steps. 
What is an Itty Bitty quilt made of? 
Soft, warm, and cuddly goodness!  All the good things that babies and our quilts have in common.  Our quilts faces are made entirely of 100% natural cotton.  The batting is 80% cotton and 20% polyester which allows it to be machine washable, for a long quilt life and happy parents.
Are Itty Bitty quilts washable? 
Yes!  Machine wash warm, tumble dry low.  We include a care tag with every kit so you can sew in the instructions to pass along for generations.
Can babies sleep with Itty Bitty quilts? 
We want to make sure that babies stay safe.  While Itty Bitty quilts are perfect for covering babies while supervised, all quilts and blankets in general should not be used while babies are unsupervised or sleeping.
How long will it take for my quilt kit to arrive?
We’ll work hard to get your order out in a jiffy. You can expect your quilt kit to arrive within 3-7 business days upon placing your order.
How much is shipping?
Shipping is a flat $9 per quilt kit.
Where will my order ship from?
Your order will be packed with care and shipped right from the Itty Bitty Studio in Louisville, Colorado.
What if for some reason I’m not happy with my quilt kit?
We want to make our customers happy, and we’ve worked hard to make sure that our quilt kits are high quality, easy and fun. However, if for any reason you’re not happy, let us know and we’ll issue a full refund on the cost of the kit.
Will Itty Bitty have more DIY gifts?
It’s in the works! We’re already working on more easy DIY’s for the wee ones. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get updates on all the latest happenings.


Why do you glue the quilt together? 
It’s important to secure the fabric layers together before quilting so that the layers don’t shift and pucker when you sew the layers together.  After testing a variety of methods here at the Itty Bitty studio, we found the glue up method to be the simplest, fuss-free method that didn't requiring any specialty equipment.  We also love how well it holds the materials together, but still washes out perfectly to leave the quilt soft and cuddly.
What’s in Itty Bitty’s basting glue? 
We think it’s incredibly important that we don’t use any toxic chemicals in the Itty Bitty quilting process.  The basting glue is both non-toxic and completely washable.  
What if I have questions while making my quilt?
Feel free to give us a ring at 720-239-2537. We’re here M-F 8:30-4PM MST, and we’re happy to help!