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quilter julia

"It couldn’t have been easier to make. Since everything was already figured out for me, the making of the quilt was so relaxing and fun rather than stressful and challenging."

- Julia, Berkeley, CA

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cindy with quilt

"Quilting and crafting have never been my thing but after attending one baby shower after another I wanted to create a handmade gift. The directions were easy to follow and the photos helped me know I was executing the steps as I should. The end product was perfect!  A handmade quilt that looked darling and let me proudly proclaim “I made this for you!”  This is my new go to gift!  Thank you Itty Bitty Handmade for letting me join the ranks of talented quilters and crafters in giving meaningful gifts that will be cherished for years.”   

 – Cindy, San Diego, CA

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"I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the items in the kit.   I really enjoyed making the quilt.  I particularly had fun with the glue basting step.  It took me back to my grade school days!  I haven’t done any sewing projects in a while and the kit got me excited to get back into sewing."

 – Renu, Boynton Beach, FL

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charlotte quilter testimonial

"Loved the step by step instructions and pre-cut fabrics. This was my first quilt so I was a bit worried, but the photographs made it easy to see what to do. I was really proud of how well my quilt turned out. The stamped label with my name made the final quilt look really professional. My grandson’s baby shower is next week, and I know my daughter and grandson are going to love it!"

- Charlotte, Berkeley, CA